The HTML Template Repeater Module is a direct replacement for the Core Text/HTML module. Use it where you need to repeat the format of an Text/HTML Segment as a template. It makes creating your own custom data bound repeating HTML lists a snap. Just create your HTML once as a template and add your variable data and fill in the data using the automatically created data entry form.

If you don't want to or can't write your own template, you can use one of our pre generated templates or one donated by the community. Use them to get you started. You can modify existing templates to create your own unique template. If you can’t find the exact template you need we can help you, just place your request in our template request forum. See Forum Header for detail.

There is a getting started video below and help documentation on the CodePlex Site. There is also a Write up on it in the blog section here.

You can download it from the CodePlex Downloads section.

Getting Started Video. This video shows a simple Example of how to set up the HTML Template repeater.
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